Universal Quiet Zone Indicator™

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What is the UQZI?

The Universal Quiet Zone Indicator™ (UQZI™) is an LED display intended to notify the crew of an approaching train of the integrity of a Quiet Zone. Under the Federal Railroad Administration Train Horn Rule, communities are provided with various safety treatments which can be employed at selected crossings in order to establish a designated quiet zone. Once established in accordance with the regulations, all normal train moves through the Quiet Zone are required to proceed without sounding the locomotive horn.


UQZI Applications

• Monitor for broken gate arms at two-quadrant gate crossings or one-way crossings within a Quiet Zone.

• Nighttime closure systems to verify that manual gates are closed establishing the Quiet Zone.

• Four-Quadrant Gate systems with a gate management or vehicle detection system for monitoring gate arm integrity as well as highway-vehicle-detection scenarios.

• Wayside Horns indicate the integrity of the system.