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The Automated Horn System™ | Quiet Zone Technologies

The Automated Horn System™

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The AHS™ was designed from the ground up, not assembled from off the shelf parts. It's the only proven Wayside Horn that improves safety for motorists and pedestrians at railroad crossings while dramatically reducing noise pollution created by train horns in populated areas. The Automated Horn System™ is also the only tested wayside horn.

Brief Overview

The AHS™ is the only wayside horn system using patented technology. The Automated Horn System™ is mounted on a pole at the crossing, rather than on the locomotive. It delivers a longer, louder, more consistent audible warning to motorists and pedestrians while eliminating noise pollution in neighborhoods for more than one-half (1/2) mile along the track. The AHS™ is designed to sound like a train horn but the sound is directed up and down the street instead of through the surrounding neighborhood. This gives quiet back to residents over a mile away.
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A Proven Technology

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How it Works

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